The sales volume of new cars exceeded 6000 in the first month of launch. Since the pre-sale in March, the cumulative sales volume has exceeded 10000 in just over a month, and it still maintains a steady growth momentum. Seeing such a gratifying sales volume, if you don’t know what to say, it will be hard for you to guess that this is the result of a new pickup truck. Wuling, the first “Youth” pickup truck of Wuling, created this good result. At present, Wuling brand has also landed in Shanghai auto show with the official customized model of this popular pickup truck, becoming one of the “must punch” exhibition cars at the auto show

Among Wuling’s three official models specially designed for camping, fishing and skiing, this refitted car named “crossing the border” is the most popular one. The car’s brand-new body color, the whole car surrounding specially designed for off-road and large-size off-road tires are wild. The high-power searchlight on the top of the car can provide good lighting for driving at night. The enhanced container support and roof tent also perfectly fit the theme of the car’s camping, absorbing countless powder at one time

Wuling is by no means an “appearance product”. In terms of the loading capacity that pickup truck users are most concerned about, the car shows stronger strength than most similar models on the market. Wuling has a practical container with a length of 2 meters and a flat bottom, which has a great advantage in carrying some larger items. The most important thing is that the container can also realize the operation of opening all three guardrails. This small design seems simple, but compared with those traditional pickups that can only be carried from the rear, it can improve the practicability of the container more than a little. Moreover, Wuling factory comes with a strong gantry, which not only adds points to the appearance of the car, but also provides users with a structure that can be used for practical properties

The change of cross-border containers is even greater, and the whole container even has a “roof”. The specially strengthened container support can not only keep out the wind and rain, but also allow users to directly use the container as a temporary tent. The load-bearing capacity of the container support is also excellent. It is a piece of cake to install a roof tent on it for two people to rest. Moreover, Wuling has also designed a special ladder on the side of the car to provide convenience for users to get on and off the roof. It’s not hard to imagine that this fun rooftop tent will become a perfect place for users to watch the starry sky during camping

Wuling’s positioning is “youth type” pickup, which is closely related to the practical layout of 4 doors and 5 seats in addition to its high appearance. Wuling’s passenger compartment, like our family car, has a five seat layout of “two in front and three in back”, so it is no problem to meet the daily travel needs of a family. In addition, the car is also equipped with reversing image, touch screen, multi-function steering wheel and other practical configuration. With soft leather seats, Wuling is much better than those micro cards and vans which mainly focus on freight transport in terms of riding comfort. For those young people who are in the stage of entrepreneurship, one car can perfectly meet the needs of both career and family, and save the cost of buying another car

In addition, Wuling is about to launch the camping version of the original upgrade package. It is reported that this upgrade package includes searchlights, pedals, roof luggage rack, and dedicated gantry luggage support that can be installed with roof tent. It provides a perfect solution for users who want to change their car but don’t know how to start, Realize the camping dream of car fans


再创中国第一!上海车展长城电机发布30t V6+9AT9HAT动力系统

Recently, at the Shanghai auto show, beehive e-chuang officially launched the first high-level powertrain of China’s automobile brand in the world – 3.0T + 9at / 9hat powertrain. At the press conference, Zheng Lipeng, CO chairman of Great Wall Motor beehive, introduced the product technology and future layout of the super powertrain

The 3.0T + 9at / 9hat powertrain is composed of the 6z30 engine independently developed by Great Wall Motors and the first domestic 9-speed automatic hydraulic transmission / the first domestic P2 hybrid 9-speed automatic hydraulic transmission. It is used for the tank platform with vertical layout. It has three major characteristics: strong, efficient and reliable. It will be mass produced within this year

At a time when the global automobile industry is holding high the banner of new energy and zero emission, the power combination of Great Wall Motor has become “rare” in the global automobile industry in the past decade. The bold and differentiated layout will certainly attract people’s attention – especially in the era when the traditional large displacement engines are increasingly scarce, the 3.0T V6 + 9at / 9hat naturally “line speed automatic transmission is also the first in China and leading in the world. In addition to the traditional lightweight technology, this set of 9-speed automatic transmission series also provides P2 hybrid power architecture. That is to say, this set of 3.0T + 9at / 9hat super powertrain was predicted and considered in advance at the beginning of research and development

The release of Great Wall Motor’s 3.0T V6 + 9at / 9hat super powertrain is like a stone cast on the “calm lake” of traditional internal combustion engines, and it also seems to open a bright window for large displacement engines in the dark

As a high efficiency fuel technology line cylinder type of Great Wall Motor, it adopts advanced technologies in many engine fields, such as dual injection system, Miller cycle, dual VGT supercharger, intake manifold integrated water cooling intercooler, full map oil pump, etc., and can output 260kw maximum power and 500N · m maximum torque. It is the strongest power among 3.0L displacement engines of Chinese automobile brands. It can produce 340n · m torque at 1000rpm, covering a variety of off-road life related products such as large SUV, pickup, RV, etc. At the same time, the engine has high efficiency, low emissions and other highlights, meeting the national 6B + RDE, Euro 6D, sulev30 and other emission standards

Great Wall Motor released two transmissions, 9at and 9hat. Among them, 9at transmission is an advanced transmission used in longitudinal high efficiency fuel power system; 9hat transmission is an advanced P2 hybrid transmission used in hybrid system. The release of Great Wall Motor’s 9at and 9hat transmissions broke the technical barriers at one stroke

As the first 9-speed hydraulic automatic transmission in China, Great Wall Motor 9at transmission adopts self-developed hydraulic automatic transmission structure scheme optimization program and intelligent integrated electronic hydraulic module technology to achieve a breakthrough in transmission performance. Under the condition that the size of the transmission is controllable, the load-carrying capacity of the transmission is up to 600 n · M. Based on the powerful torque support of 3.0T engine, 9at transmission sets 7, 8 and 9 gears to overdrive to improve the fuel economy performance of the whole vehicle. In daily driving, when the speed reaches about 90km / h, you can shift into gear 9

9hat transmission is the first P2 hybrid 9-speed hydraulic automatic transmission in China. On the basis of 9at, 9hat adds a high-power P2 hybrid motor, which can realize the pure electric or hybrid drive mode of the whole vehicle. It also realizes the transmission load capacity of up to 750N · m under the condition of ensuring the controllable size of the transmission, further improving the power performance and ride comfort of the whole vehicle. Finally, the 3.0T + 9hat powertrain achieves a total power of 410kw and a peak torque of 750N · M




Toyota Land Cruiser is a standard off-road SUV, the predecessor of Rand cooluzer. Its off-road performance is beyond our imagination. It can refresh your understanding of off-road vehicle. We all know that it is a good car with high reliability, strong power and outstanding off-road performance. All the big companies say that Toyota Land Cruiser has high value preservation rate, so is its value preservation rate really so high? It must be only the car owners who know best. Let’s listen to the views of the old Lu Xun car owner in Chengdu

This car is his car. Now it plans to transfer more than 100000 yuan to a friend. The older Toyota Land Cruiser is the 4.7L 4WD version of the 2002 Toyota Land Cruiser. At that time, its configuration was relatively high, landing over 900000 yuan

Now I clean it up and give it to my friends. The car owners say they don’t want to sell it to the used car dealers, because their quotation is really low and they don’t take it seriously at all. My friends say it’s worth at least 170000 yuan, but they only give 90000 yuan to the used car, which is really half the price. So I handed it over to my friends at 120000 yuan

Let’s talk about the basic body information of the old Toyota Land patrol. It is positioned as a medium and large SUV, with a length of 4.89 meters, a width of 1.941 meters and a height of 1.89 meters. The body structure is regular and the chassis is very neat. It is equipped with a 4.7L 238 horsepower (175kW) V8 engine, double fuel tanks, double differential locks and the original winch. Now its off-road performance is still outstanding

The wear degree of the door is not obvious, but you may not think that it has already run 250000 km. You can find a series of maintenance records. It has never really gone off-road. Usually, because of common things, the most common thing is to have fun driving on the earth slope. Therefore, the car’s condition is very good. His friends also said that the car’s condition is good, and the accelerator is fast, The engine sounds good

There are also many in car configurations, such as the standard chassis lifting system, two fuel tanks, central differential lock, front dual zone air conditioning, altitude display, lumbar support, direction assistance, and remote control key for off-road vehicles. For the automobile industry at that time, these configurations were relatively advanced



At present, the transformation of the automobile industry is surging. Automobile is developing in cross-border integration with Internet, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other industries. Car is not only a mobile tool, but also a “third space” for people outside of home and work. Facing the future, how to further follow the trend? Facing the 14th five year plan, how to start a new journey

As the theme of this year’s Shanghai auto show, “embracing change” is the best choice. On April 17, Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Dongfeng”) released the “Dongfeng Fengqi” plan, which gives the direction of scientific and technological transformation from the enterprise mission, values and positioning. You Zheng, the Party committee and deputy general manager of Dongfeng company, said that Dongfeng company will, through the implementation of the “leap action” of scientific and technological innovation, strive for a leap forward in the two fields of new energy and intelligent driving, devote itself to the industrialization of technology, establish a new competitiveness, and become a science and technology-based enterprise enabling the automobile industry

According to the data, during the 13th Five Year Plan period, Dongfeng sold 19.3 million vehicles, including 6.3 million self brand vehicles and 280000 new energy vehicles“ “Dongfeng Fengqi” plan is a brand new departure for Dongfeng company to examine today and create the future from the future

From “automobile enterprise” to “science and technology enterprise”, “strengthening science and technology plate” has become a strong support for Dongfeng’s transformation and development. Specifically, we will focus on new energy, intelligent network and powertrain, build a technology industry cluster, continuously strengthen the incubation of scientific and technological innovation achievements, and actively create a neutral innovation platform to enable the development of the automobile industry

The reporter learned that in the field of “three power”, Dongfeng has built two new energy industrial parks and mastered key core technologies and resources such as vehicle size chip. In the field of intelligent network, L4 level 5G automatic driving car Sharing-VAN, L4 level automatic driving taxi Robotaxi, 5G port Unmanned Container truck and so on have realized different scenarios of operation. In the future, Dongfeng will focus on R & D to build industry-leading platform architecture and core technology, accelerate the commercialization of hydrogen fuel cells and other technologies, and further promote the scale, market and commercialization of Dongfeng automatic driving vehicle in the next five years. p>

In the field of fuel and hybrid, two power brands, Longqing and Mach, will be built. Among them, Longqing as a commercial vehicle power brand, covering 5-16l, will form a full range of product architecture. The passenger car power brand, which is named after mach, covers 1.0-2.0l. It has formed a golden combination of c15tdr high-efficiency engine and hybrid drive assembly, and will launch a more competitive product combination in the future

The era of intelligent automobile has come, and a new pattern of global automobile is being constructed. For traditional car companies, to realize the “elephant turn” and make efforts in the field of new energy and intelligent networking, they need to make a “top-down” fundamental change. In order to realize the decoupling of software and hardware in automobile development, and the development concept of service defined software and software defined automobile, Dongfeng company has realized the organic combination of original smart new energy exclusive essa modular architecture and centralized SOA electronic and electrical architecture

It is reported that the essa modular architecture is fully independent and forward researched and developed by Dongfeng company, integrating industry-leading three electric technologies, international level high-performance chassis and accurate and efficient energy management system. The essa architecture has super compatibility and scalability, and can quickly launch new energy products of different levels, different bodies and different power systems to meet the diversified needs of customers

SOA electronic and electrical architecture is an advanced solution for the future intelligent networked vehicle system. Its hardware is a smart brain and four regions as the core, similar to the human brain and limbs. The software adopts the service-oriented software architecture to realize the separation of software and hardware and layered decoupling. Based on the user scenarios, the centralized SOA electronic and electrical architecture abstractly summarizes the basic services and composite services, and constructs vehicle functions through these services, so as to meet the needs of thousands of users. At the same time, open the vehicle software call interface to the third-party ecological partners to build a user centered digital service ecosystem

In terms of essa modular architecture, Dongfeng has taken the lead in launching Landu brand series models, and will be used on more new energy products of Dongfeng in the future. It is reported that by the end of 2022, Dongfeng’s SOA architecture will be in mass production on the third lantu vehicle

在今年的上海车展上,东风带来了新一代东风风神概念车e㰂 021、东风风神逸轩max、东风风行家用概念车、t5 evo雷霆版、风光s-007概念车、郑州日产瑞麒6通版、悦翔科技共享巴士和共享飞机,智新科技智能综合动力底盘南斗六星级智慧城市沙盘及一系列新展品



Data show that: during the 13th Five Year Plan period, Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dongfeng company) has sold 19.3 million vehicles in total, including 6.3 million self brand vehicles and 280000 new energy vehicles. Then, during the “14th five year plan” period, how should Dongfeng company further respond to the trend, take advantage of the trend, and accelerate the transformation to a science and technology-based enterprise

The answer is at the 2021 Dongfeng Automobile Brand Spring Festival held in Shanghai on April 17. With the launch of the “Dongfang Fengqi” plan, the “leap action”, “the 14th five year plan” strategic action and a series of cooperation projects, Dongfeng has fully accelerated the pace of transformation to a technology-based company

According to Zhu Yanfeng, chairman of Dongfeng company, with the cross-border integration and development of automobile and Internet, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other industries, automobile is not only a mobile tool, but also a “third space” for people outside their home and work. Dongfeng has a clear understanding of this. In order to make consumers live and work in peace and contentment to move and live in contentment and contentment, it is making investors and partners obtain sustainable super value returns through good business performance

At the same time, Dongfeng has always put scientific and technological innovation in a more important strategic position. Now it has formed leading technological capabilities such as new energy and intelligent driving, built competitive platform products, strengthened the open cooperation between industrial chain and innovation chain, and actively become a demand proposer, innovation organizer, technology supplier, and leader of automobile industry Market applicators, leaders of industrial development direction and supporters of industrial basic ability promotion

The tuyere controls the wind and the tide controls the tide. With the Spring Festival of 2021 Dongfeng automobile brand as the starting point, Dongfeng company has officially started a new journey of comprehensive transformation to a technology-based company. A brand new Dongfeng company is bound to advance. It is also expected that Dongfeng company will become the source of original technology and the “chain leader” of modern industrial chain

How to transform from an automobile company to a technology enterprise“ The “east wind” project gives the answer. Dongfeng company officially released the “14th five year” development strategic plan, namely “Dongfang Fengqi” plan

First of all, three “one million” targets have been set, that is, by 2025, the sales of commercial vehicles, self brand passenger vehicles and new energy vehicles will reach 1 million respectively, among which the sales of self brand vehicles will enter the top 3 of the industry

Secondly, the R & D investment will increase to 100 billion yuan. Among them, the R & D investment intensity of independent brands is no less than 6%, and more than 2000 key core technologies are independently controlled, with a control rate of 95%; The cumulative number of invention patents increased by 5 times to more than 6000; The revenue generated by technology and service business accounts for 1 / 4 of the revenue of independent brand business

Thirdly, Dongfeng company should make its own brand passenger car customer satisfaction into the top 3 of the industry, and commercial vehicle customer satisfaction strive to rank in the top 1 of the industry; And the implementation of “green Dongfeng 2025 action”, 10000 yuan output value of comprehensive energy consumption decreased by 15%, new energy vehicle sales accounted for more than 20% of the company’s total sales

In view of the above three aspects, Dongfeng company will adjust and optimize the business layout in accordance with the idea of upgrading, strengthening and expanding, and build three business groups of vehicle business, science and technology plate and service ecology

First of all, in the whole vehicle business group, we should adhere to the combination of business and passenger: commercial vehicles should not only consolidate the leading advantage of the first domestic brand and the overall leading position of “team champion”, but also face different market segments to create a “single champion” of medium, heavy and light segment markets; Self owned brand passenger cars focus on building Landu, Dongfeng Fengshen and high-end electric cross-country brands. Landu free, the first medium and large SUV of Landu, will be delivered in the third quarter of this year. Dongfeng Fengshen’s sales will strive to increase to more than 300000 vehicles. Based on the new platform architecture, it will launch high-end electric cross-country brands and promote the differentiated development of Dongfeng popularity and Dongfeng scenery

Secondly, in the business group of science and technology sector, it mainly focuses on the three aspects of new energy, intelligent network, and powertrain: build two new energy industrial parks, master key core technologies and resources such as vehicle size chips, and accelerate the commercialization of technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells; L4 level 5G automatic driving car Sharing-VAN, L4 level automatic driving taxi Robotaxi, 5G port Unmanned Container truck and so on to achieve different scenarios of operation; Build two power brands, Longqing and mach. Longqing covers 5L ~ 16L and forms a full sequence product architecture. Mach covers 1.0L ~ 2.0L and forms a gold combination of c15tdr high efficiency engine and hybrid drive assembly

Thirdly, in the service ecological business group, efforts should be made to develop service businesses with industrialization and large-scale potential, and explorations should be made in terms of smart energy sharing, smart whole stack logistics and smart user Ecology: in the field of smart energy sharing, models such as separation of vehicle and electricity should be explored to build battery bank and form a service system covering all scenarios; In the field of intelligent whole stack logistics, we should solve the outstanding problems such as “the last mile” and form a one-stop intelligent logistics service system; In the field of smart user ecology, we should get through each contact of users and form a digital user ecological operation service system

“The requirement of high-quality development should run through all fields and the whole process of development to ensure that the operating profit margin is greater than 9%; The overall market share is more than 16% Yang Qing, general manager and Party committee of Dongfeng, said that in order to achieve the goal, independent brand development will be the strategic focus of high-quality development of Dongfeng

Among them, in the field of independent commercial vehicles, we should consolidate our leading advantages, become one of the world’s first-class commercial vehicle enterprises, and promote the cooperation in the fields of powertrain, electronic and electrical architecture, platform technology and commodities in stages; In the field of independent passenger cars, efforts should be made to enter the first camp in China, build a unified modular architecture, and further promote the collaboration of powertrain and key core parts; In the field of independent new energy, promote the cooperation of platform architecture and “three power”, and promote Landu brand upward

To this end, Dongfeng signed three major strategic cooperation agreements: in the field of 5g intelligent port driverless, it reached strategic cooperation with COSCO Shipping and China Mobile, jointly built the overall solution of intelligent port driverless, and promoted the upgrading of intelligent port driverless industry standard to national standard; In the field of hydrogen fuel vehicles and hydrogen energy industry chain, we have reached strategic cooperation with Sinopec to jointly build demonstration operation projects; In addition, we have reached a strategic cooperation with Foshan municipal government to jointly carry out the demonstration operation of Dongfeng “hydrogen boat” hydrogen fuel cell passenger vehicles and explore the large-scale operation mode of hydrogen fuel vehicles

东风汽车还发布了“飞跃行动”,瞄准新能源和智能驾驶两大领域,即到2024年,实现主要乘用车品牌新车型100%电气化。为此,东风汽车将在核心装配、汽车平台架构、充换电技术、氢能、智能驾驶等领域全面发力,在三电核心装配方面寻求新的竞争力,东风公司已完全独立控制并形成产业布局;在车辆平台架构方面,其独创的自主研发的智能新能源专属essa模块化架构,可以快速推出不同级别、不同车身、不同动力系统的新能源产品,并率先推出蓝都车型;在充换电技术方面,我们正在建设集中式SOA电子电气架构,并将于2022年底在兰都第三款车型上进行量产;在氢能方面,东风公司已完成80kW燃料电池系统的开发,实现了-20℃无辅助热源冷启动℃, 东风风神AX7氢燃料车将在武汉、佛山率先示范运行,在智能驾驶方面,将于未来三年内推出110KW 6×4氢燃料电池牵引车,120kw及以上高性能大功率电堆,东风公司将实现L4智能连接车的大规模示范应用,掌握L5智能连接车的关键核心技术。其中,商用车致力于成为智能物流的先行者。其无人驾驶品牌“无限之星”正式亮相,涵盖L4和L5级无人驾驶智能集装箱卡车。未来还将实现从封闭场景、半开放场景向全开放场景延伸的商业示范运营

乘用车致力于探索下一代智能汽车应用场景,其L4级自动驾驶车东风Robotaxi配备“5G+北斗”定位,线试车,积累了数百万公里的路试数据,为自动驾驶技术不断升级。值得一提的是,在“飞跃行动”发布过程中,东风风神全新一代概念车eπ 2021年迎来第一场公开演出。该车来自纯电动平台,具有SOA架构,并拥有领先的三电和高压快速充电技术。回搜狐看看吧








Bobcat Pajero不仅是一款越野车,更代表了几代人对越野的感情。而山猫家族不仅仅是帕杰罗和帕杰罗金昌。在海外,山猫家族非常强大,甚至有OEM机型。今天,让我们带你去了解这座山





在新闻发布会上,东风风神逸轩Max获全球首发。该车型定位为“赛道级宽体轿车”。逸致Max拥有同级别1870mm的最宽车身。外观设计源于“赛道风暴美学”,内饰致力于打造“科技优雅座舱”。Windlink6.0ui智能交互车机系统带来智能体验。作为第一个基于DSMA架构的跳跃运动作品,它具有跳跃空间、跳跃控制水平和舒适体验。动力方面,搭载了东风汽车全新动力技术品牌Mach power,逸致Max拥有动力、经济、NVH、可靠性、智能五大技术长板

据了解,逸致Max向大众普及高端性能,东风风神新一代概念车eπ 2021年整合了东风的领先技术,为风神的科技发展提供了更多的可能性π 《2021》从“和谐共生”的自然力量中汲取灵感,延伸了风景美学的故事,呈现了“动态雕塑”的美感,将科技与美学融为一体。在配置方面,侧重于“自由友好”的互动体验。这款智能纯电动SUV源自纯电动平台,具有SOA架构,不断优化用户的驾驶体验,并配备了领先的三电和高压快速充电技术,可有效克服里程焦虑。在技术创新方面,eπ 2021年是一个“乐趣和喜爱”的经验,司机和乘客。此外,eπ 2021年还拥有L4级自动驾驶技术、智能娱乐、健康环保监测等前瞻性智能联网技术

除东风风神、东风风行家族概念车、t5 evo雷霆版外,风光s-007概念车和郑州日产瑞麒6系通透版也出现了

东风风行家族概念车秉承了东风风行品牌的“前动力”家族设计理念,赋予整车以饱满的情感和活力,宛如弓弦,蓄势待发。T5 evo迅雷版是在时尚品牌SUV先锋流行的T5 evo量产车型的运动改装基础上,拥有“酷时尚”的年轻个性化运动造型风格,凤凰s-007新能源概念车采用了“星际力量”的全新设计理念,“空间力晶”形式的前大灯设计和“星动电器开关”的腰线装饰,在日产纳瓦拉同平台的基础上,瑞麒6系跨界版采用全封闭“O”型结构车架,高强度箱体,6mt柴油四驱标准型和8at柴油四驱标准型,输出强劲动能















Recently, at the 2021 Dongfeng Automobile Brand Spring Festival, Dongfeng officially launched the “Dongfang Fengqi” plan, launched the “leap action” focusing on new energy and intelligent driving, and accelerated the transformation to a technology-based enterprise. To this end, Dongfeng Motor has worked out the corresponding schedule

Dongfeng has formulated three “one million” plans. By 2025, the sales volume of commercial vehicles, independent passenger vehicles and new energy vehicles will reach 1 million respectively, and the scale of Dongfeng’s independent brand will enter the top 3 of the industry

In terms of R & D investment, enterprises should increase to 100 billion yuan during the “fourteenth five year plan” period, and the R & D investment intensity of independent brands should not be less than 6%. By the end of the fourteenth five year plan, we have independently controlled more than 2000 key core technologies, with a control rate of 95%. We vigorously implemented the intellectual property strategy, and the cumulative number of invention patents increased five times to more than 6000. The revenue generated by technology and service innovation business accounts for a quarter of the revenue of independent business

At the same time, the enterprise should make the customer satisfaction of independent passenger cars enter the top 3 of the industry, and the customer satisfaction of commercial vehicles strive to rank the top 1 of the industry. At the same time, the sales volume of new energy vehicles accounts for more than 20% of the company’s total sales volume, helping to achieve the goal of “carbon peak, carbon neutral”

In the field of independent passenger cars, we will strengthen the differentiated layout, focusing on building Landu, Dongfeng Fengshen and high-end electric cross-country brands. Landau is positioned as a leading brand of high-end intelligent new energy with zero anxiety. Following the launch of Landau brand strategy last year, the first medium and large SUV Landau free will be delivered in the third quarter of this year

Dongfeng Fengshen, as the main force of Dongfeng’s independent passenger cars, is positioned as the mainstream technology driving brand, and the sales volume of “the 14th five year plan” will strive to increase to more than 300000

In the field of fuel and hybrid, Dongfeng will build two power brands, Longqing and mach. Among them, Longqing as a commercial vehicle power brand, covering 5-16l, will form a full range of product architecture. The passenger car power brand named by Mach covers 1.0-2.0l, forming a combination of c15tdr efficient engine and hybrid drive assembly

According to the plan, Dongfeng will realize 100% electrification of new models of major passenger car brands in 2024, helping the country to reach the peak of carbon in 2030 and the goal of carbon neutral in 2060

To this end, Dongfeng will continue to carry out technological innovation and new business model exploration in the core assembly, vehicle platform architecture, charging and swapping technology, hydrogen energy and other fields

In terms of the core assembly technology of the three electric companies, Dongfeng has launched the Landu brand model with the original wisdom new energy exclusive essa modular architecture, which is completely independent and being researched and developed by Dongfeng, and will be used on more new energy products of Dongfeng in the future

At the same time, Dongfeng is building a centralized SOA electronic and electrical architecture, which is an advanced solution for the future intelligent networked vehicle system. It is reported that Dongfeng SOA architecture will be in mass production on the third lantu vehicle by the end of 2022

in the field of intelligent network, L4 grade 5G automatic driving car Sharing-VAN, L4 automatic driving taxi Robotaxi, 5G port Unmanned Container truck and so on to achieve different scenarios. p>

在氢能方面,东风已经完成了80kW燃料电池系统的研制,实现了零下20℃的冷启动℃ 在没有辅助热源的情况下,推出110KW 6×4氢燃料电池牵引车,并将在武汉、佛山率先示范东风风神AX7氢燃料车的运行情况。未来三年,东风将推出120kw及以上高性能大功率电堆,掌握电堆催化剂、膜电极、双极板等关键核心技术,在商用车领域,东风无人驾驶品牌“无限之星”正式亮相,“无限之星”产品将覆盖L4,L5级无人驾驶智能集装箱卡。未来,无限之星将实现从封闭场景、半开放场景到全开放场景的商业演示运营