“Mountain is mountain, river is river, cross-country or cool road”. For many cross-country enthusiasts, Toyota’s landcooluzer (code name lc300, commonly known as “Lu Xun”) is definitely draem car. The well-known phrase “there is a road to the mountain, there is a road, there is a Toyota” comes from the advertisement of landcooluzer, which shows its strength, Later, with its strong off-road performance, rigid appearance and excellent quality performance, landcooluze was called “king of off-road” by consumers

Although the car has already withdrawn from the Chinese market, it is still popular in parallel import channels. However, it has been 14 years since the launch of this generation of models in 2007, during which only one mid-term change was made in 2016. With the official release of its most direct competitor, the 2021 Nissan tulle, the new generation of Rand cooluze is finally coming. Recently, a group of photos of a new generation of Rand cool road Zeshi cars have been exposed on the Internet. It is understood that the new car will be officially unveiled overseas in August this year and will go on sale at the end of the year. Next, let’s take a look at the changes in the new car

From the photos of the real car, the new generation of Rand cooluze’s modeling design is still bulky and domineering style. The front face is equipped with a larger air intake grille, and the interior banner style thick chrome plated decorative strip has changed from the previous three to four, which is more powerful as a whole. Moreover, the two sides of the air intake grille “intrude” into the headlamp group with LED light source, and are replaced with a new matrix LED headlamp group, which looks more powerful. With the black U-shaped decorative parts around the front air grille, it is very personalized. At the same time, the original round lines have disappeared, replaced by angular design, muscular front bumper is also very consistent with the positioning of its hardline off-road vehicle

On the side of the car body, the slender and square body contour is matched with the strong posture, which is in line with the image of the hardline off-road vehicle. However, the new generation of landcooluze has adjusted the shape of the car window between the C-pillar and D-pillar. After adjustment, the side of the car presents a rising visual sense, which is more square and atmospheric than the old model. In addition, the full frame chrome plating decoration is added around the car window, and the multi spoke aluminum alloy wheel hub makes the visual effect more luxurious. In addition, the lines of the new car’s wheel eyebrows are stronger and clearer, and the sports effect is also stronger. More three-dimensional lines are used in the tail to create a more layered and distinct impression. The tail lights and brake lights conform to the trend and adopt LED technology. The design of the lower surround is still a standard hardline SUV, which ensures certain trafficability

In the car, the overall interior design of the new generation of landcool luzer is close to Lexus LX570. There is a vertical 12 inch central control screen in the center of the center console. The air outlet of the air conditioner and the function buttons under the central control screen also adopt a new design style. The specific configuration of the buttons includes dual zone automatic air conditioning, steering wheel heating, seat heating / ventilation, air conditioning, air conditioning, air conditioning and so on Mobile phone wireless charging, voice control, terrain selection system, etc., and equipped with piano type metal physical keys, which are similar to Peugeot’s models, look very delicate. In addition, the new car will continue to use the traditional mechanical shift mechanism, and the left side also provides the toggle type and button type four-wheel drive system control

In fact, the interior of the new generation Rand cooluzer is not only more scientific and technological in terms of vision, but also has surprises in terms of actual technological configuration. In addition to the mainstream mobile phone wireless charging and voice control, one click start with fingerprint recognition will be added. Moreover, this generation of land patrol will be built based on the new tnga architecture. In terms of safety configuration, it will also be equipped with the latest Toyota active safety system. According to the feedback from Toyota, this system has powerful functions and excellent reliability, It can further improve the safety of driving. Compared with the pragmatism pursued by current models, the interior design and intelligent configuration of the new generation of Rand cooluzer keep pace with the times

Although the change is the most intuitive, the change of the power system is more important for the diehard fans. The current 4.6l V8 engine will be cancelled and replaced by a 3.5t V6 dual turbocharged engine, which is currently owned by the overseas Lexus ls500. The maximum power is 421 horsepower and the maximum torque is 600N · M. the power parameters are more powerful than the old 4.6l V8 engine, and the transmission may be matched with 10At transmission. In addition, the new generation of landcooluzer will adopt the tnga-f platform built by Toyota for off-road vehicles and pickups, retain the non load bearing body structure, and be equipped with four-wheel drive system to ensure the excellent off-road capability of the land cruiser










新欧蓝德的大空间SUV具体尺寸是多少?超长体有一个气场。新欧蓝德4705× 一千八百一十× 1710mm超长车身和nbs






















Walking into the exhibition hall, many brand-new models such as Haval H6 national fashion version and Haval f7x are arranged in turn, which is very spectacular. In particular, the focus of the day, the 2.0T Chinese garden dog, has a simple, strong and atmospheric shape. The color contrast design and the novel central control shape make people bright. All LCD instrument panel, knob shift mechanism and other current popular configuration greatly enhance the car’s sense of technology

Wang Huan, an in-house trainer at Kailong haver 4S store in Laiwu, told reporters that the Chinese garden dog model has been replaced with five spoke armored wheel hub, making the whole vehicle both fashionable and wild. The whole car adopts the power combination of Great Wall 2.0T turbocharged engine and 7-speed dual clutch transmission, and is also equipped with the fifth generation four-wheel drive system of Borg Warner Haldex. It not only responds quickly, but also has six driving modes of standard, sports, mud, sand, snow and economy, bringing more driving pleasure to drivers【 Compared with 1.5T model, 2.0T model adds two driving modes. In addition, the xiaotiangou version is also a 2.0T four-wheel drive version. It is a top model with two differential locks. Its off-road ability is stronger than before

Wang Huan told reporters that the current price of the “2.0T Chinese garden dog version of haver big dog” is 155900 yuan, and they have also launched many preferential policies to give back to new and old customers【 Today, we have a cash discount of 2000 yuan for our new car. We can also give free maintenance for 12 times in six years. Besides, the engine and transmission of this model are guaranteed for life by the first owner. In addition to the huffy dog, the discount rates for the hot models huffy H6 and m6plus in our store and the newly launched huffy red rabbit range from 2000 to 15000 yuan






With the development of science and technology, the rapid development of automobile manufacturing industry, amazing good cars continue to appear on the market“ Buick GL8, the big brother in the business field, is well-known in the automotive industry for its reputation of “zero difference review”“ The future strength of “king of cross-country” Jeep horse herders can not be ignored. Under the fierce competition of many manufacturers, the development of the automobile industry is advancing with the times. Only by giving full play to its own advantages and finding the right entry point can a car succeed, just like Toyota Chr. Mr. Wang, the owner of Toyota Chr, is a good friend in the circle. After driving for five months, the owner talked frankly about how he felt about using the car. Let’s listen to his detailed analysis

Moreover, the appearance of this car is very young and atmospheric. It does a very good job in some details. Anyway, how I look at it, how I like it. Not only do I like the appearance of this car, including my parents. The tires are spacious and generous, with a lower chassis, it looks stable and solid. The interior is neither up-to-date nor low. The configuration is very complete. There are all kinds of function controls and buttons. The design of the center console is novel, and the main body tends to the driver’s side. It is convenient to watch the large screen during driving. I like the color better. The only bad thing is the smell. I used to open the window when I was driving, but there was still a peculiar smell

The space of Chr is very small. It is not suitable for home use, especially when there are two children at home. The space is just right for me. It can meet the demand of being single now. I can always put my things in the front and back of the car. In addition, its storage space design is reasonable, with cup holder and so on. The trunk is a little small, but it’s solved after the rear seats are put there. The overall comfort is OK. It’s just that the suspension is a little hard. When passing the deceleration belt, the shock absorption is obviously hard. The design is unreasonable. I don’t think the noise is very loud. Anyway, I enjoy driving this car. I don’t dislike the comfort. The 4S gave me leather seats

When it comes to the power factor, I think it’s quite standard. It’s really a matter of price and goods. I’m not surprised. It’s very powerful, 177 horsepower. CVT is used in the gearbox. There is no frustration in shifting. It accelerates smoothly. The power of the car is very strong. I basically drive downtown. The fuel consumption line is a naturally aspirated car of the same class. It’s still very fuel-efficient, but the main focus of Japanese cars is to save fuel

The handling of this car is among the best. I’m not tired after driving for a long time. The second is turning strength, which is medium to light. It’s easy to turn around in the city. The support of the suspension is OK, and the vibration is relatively small when passing through some speed bumps. Maybe it’s because the body has lost weight in many aspects and the wheelbase is short. Maybe it’s caused by a little too much power adjustment. After driving this car, my feeling is eight words: I’m glad I made the right choice



There are many magical things in China. For example, there is a car that is known as shenche, namely Wuling Hongguang. It is said that Wuling Hongguang’s performance has increased by 13% year on year, ranking first among all brands in the country. The performance of 2 million sets dominates the domestic market, becoming the first in the history of China’s automobile market. Before that, the sales volume has been the first in the country for nine consecutive years. In addition, in 2015, it has completed the achievement of 10 titles. More importantly, there is no downward trend in this momentum, and it is entirely possible to win the first place in the next few years. It can be said that Wuling Hongguang is the absolute overlord in the rural market

It is generally believed that Wuling’s reputation is good, and its quality is reflected in its durability, which is deeply trusted by the majority of urban and rural consumers. But some people think that the quality is good or not, it is compared, when a solo show, it can’t be seen at all. The fact is that the service life of Wuling cars is not as long as the official boast. Most car owners in urban and rural areas are reluctant to repair them after 3-5 years. In addition, the configuration of Wuling Hongguang is extremely low. There are no airbags, no automatic locking function, no height adjustment function for the driver’s seat, because the driver’s height varies greatly. For the sake of comfortable driving, this function is really more important

With large space and different doors, it is easy to sell for a reason. With the 4400 / 1680 / 1770 mm body size and short engine length, Wuling Hongguang space is not a leader in the micro surface market. Accurate positioning provides a basis for the division of space. It can also provide the feeling of a similar compact car in the front and rear passenger experience, But the front and rear seats are a little too short. The storage space in the rear is one of the highlights of Wuling Hongguang, which can be extended by putting down the front seats. In addition, Wuling Hongguang is flexible in space layout, and can change the use scene by removing the seat, which is very practical




In recent years, the development of domestic cars in China is getting better and better, and many good brands have emerged. Hengtian and Zhongtai are two of these brands. When talking about Zhongtai, many people think of imitation, because Zhongtai has produced several cars that look like the Porsche Cayenne and Volkswagen Touareg, which surprise those who like them, while those who don’t think it’s shameful to copy. Now Zhongtai automobile has begun to take its own style. Hengtian began to follow the old road of Zhongtai. Recently, the H5 of Hengtian automobile was exposed for the first time. Many people were surprised to find that this kind of car is surprisingly similar to Toyota’s Rand cooluzer

This car can be said to be the male god in many people’s hearts. People can’t help liking its aggressive appearance, strong off-road ability and huge body. This car is also called land cruiser. It is very suitable for driving on the road with difficult road conditions. Its off-road ability is one of the best among many cars. Although many people like this car, not everyone can afford it. Its price is relatively high. The price of different versions ranges from 770000 to 1.2 million, so many people are just greedy. Now everyone’s land tour dream is settled. That is the Hengtian H5, which perfectly imitates the land cruiser in appearance

After the first exposure of Hengtian H5, it has aroused heated discussion on the Internet, because its appearance is 90% similar to that of land cruiser, and its price is only one fifth of that of land cruiser. Many people are surprised, but there are also many people who feel speechless about its plagiarism. In appearance, the as like as two peas, the car is very well modeled in detail and details, especially the rear end of the car. It can be said to be exactly the same, the same lights and rear siege. Even in the details, it goes beyond the continental patrol. This car adds silver decoration on the trunk, which makes people feel more fashionable

On the front, it also gives people a very familiar feeling, but it is different from Lu Xun. This car uses a straight waterfall intake grille, which is similar to Prado’s. The two sides of the headlight is the use of LED light source, and integrated daytime driving lights, in this point of view or more affordable. From the side, the lines are regular and there is no redundant design, which is very similar to Lu Xun. In terms of power, a 3.0T turbine engine will be used, but other aspects such as the gearbox are not very clear. At present, the price will not be very expensive, about 100000



The types and functions of the three wheeled vehicles moving from front to back in Chengdu are basically the same as usual. However, the off-road performance of these three wheeled vehicles is quite different. How to choose the right one? It turns out that when a three wheeled vehicle goes downhill in a comfortable low position, it uses no-load and reasonable acceleration to improve the performance and dynamic performance of the whole vehicle by means of shock absorption. Although it is very good, there are no other specific requirements for pushing the vehicle off-road, or because it goes up and down in a small city, After the meeting, we need to bear some depressing problems on the highway. In fact, it’s not. We can go to that city in the future. The safety factor of four-wheel drive assembly is 15% ~ 18%, but the safety factor is very long, and of course there is no problem. As just retired “white-collar” or former job change or minor work partner, will consider the choice of safety factor rise a lot

It used to be very good three rounds ago, but now it’s almost unnecessary. If you have been driving on the highway since childhood, there may be the danger of running the red light brought by the highway in the rear. But cars are often people with different local cultures. At the same time, such a large team will also join some small and comprehensive mass teams. If the car owner is about to climb up in the near future, he cannot choose the direction with low safety factor. Well, today, I’d like to bring you the familiar three wheel and three wheel automobile assembly and rear wheel integrated braking system of Chengdu car owner. Dongfeng Honda assembly Chengdu Honda assembly, as the leader of six good cars, has the core price to determine its fuel consumption per 100 km, but the price will continue to rise with the lightweight of the vehicle

In addition to the current average unit level and the increase in electronic systems, there is also a gap in output and vehicle development performance. In the past, the labor cost of three wheeled vehicles was very high, about 20000 yuan a month. At present, the price of other safes / rear safes for four wheeled vehicles is about 1 million to 2 million yuan. The braking system of a tricycle will probably be removed when the tire of your car is stuck or the odds are low. On the downhill side, the whole vehicle’s braking system has made a breakthrough. The speed of a single engine is slow, and the speed of some transmission motors will increase. This is because the auxiliary braking such as motor must adopt low-pressure composite braking technology. At the same time, these auxiliary braking may be broken. If the cost of composite braking is very high, it is endowed with the desire to move forward



Although Toyota is only a Japanese car company focusing on automobile manufacturing and quality control in the eyes of the majority of car lovers, it also performs very well in the field of off-road vehicles. For example, Toyota continental patrol, Toyota Prado and Toyota Highlander all have a solid position in the domestic off-road industry. They are several popular off-road SUVs that need to be purchased at a higher price. However, although Toyota’s off-road SUV has excellent performance in off-road performance, it has no cost performance at all. Today’s leading role, Haval H9, is not the same. It not only has the off-road performance comparable to that of Toyota Prado and Toyota Highlander, but also is a “hidden artifact” that Toyota is afraid of

Like Toyota Prado, Haval H9 is also a medium and large-scale off-road SUV. However, because the Haval H9 is only a domestic car, although it has been made a high-end positioning by Great Wall Motor, and has a very solid workmanship and luxury materials, its starting price is only about 200000, which is a medium and large-scale off-road vehicle with a cost performance far superior to that of Toyota Prado at the same level. In addition, Haval H9 is also equipped with three automobile parts with excellent reliability and body parts with fine workmanship. It also has excellent quality control performance


First, after all, the Haval H9 is a high-end off-road SUV. Although its starting price is only 200000, its interior has more luxury than most 300000 luxury cars. Because Haval H9 not only makes its interior space extremely exquisite and exquisite, with a strong sense of delicacy, but also uses a large number of high-end materials such as high-end wood and leather in the interior space, which makes its interior feel much more exquisite and luxurious than Toyota Prado

Secondly, Hafer H9 is equipped with 6 airbags, esp, tire pressure monitoring, fatigue driving tips, front and rear parking radars, reversing video images, uphill assistance, automatic parking and steep descent as standard. At the same time, convenience and comfort equipment such as keyless start, keyless entry, automatic air conditioning and leather seats are also standard. It can be seen that the Haval H9 not only has the same safety as the Toyota Prado, but also is an off-road SUV with the same riding experience as the Toyota Prado

第三,哈弗H9拥有2.0T柴油和2.0T汽油两款车型。它们在传动部分均配备了6at变速器,除最低配车型外均配备了后轴限滑差速锁。其中,2.0T柴油车型不仅能产生190HP和420N的强劲动力表现。M、 但其非承载式车身、差速锁和四轮驱动系统也比丰田普拉多具有更强的越野性能。而2.0T汽油车型能够产生252马力和355N.M,这与丰田普拉多的强劲动力非常接近。它还采用了非承载式车身,并配备了四轮驱动和差速锁。它的越野性能也非常出色