Although Toyota is only a Japanese car company focusing on automobile manufacturing and quality control in the eyes of the majority of car lovers, it also performs very well in the field of off-road vehicles. For example, Toyota continental patrol, Toyota Prado and Toyota Highlander all have a solid position in the domestic off-road industry. They are several popular off-road SUVs that need to be purchased at a higher price. However, although Toyota’s off-road SUV has excellent performance in off-road performance, it has no cost performance at all. Today’s leading role, Haval H9, is not the same. It not only has the off-road performance comparable to that of Toyota Prado and Toyota Highlander, but also is a “hidden artifact” that Toyota is afraid of

Like Toyota Prado, Haval H9 is also a medium and large-scale off-road SUV. However, because the Haval H9 is only a domestic car, although it has been made a high-end positioning by Great Wall Motor, and has a very solid workmanship and luxury materials, its starting price is only about 200000, which is a medium and large-scale off-road vehicle with a cost performance far superior to that of Toyota Prado at the same level. In addition, Haval H9 is also equipped with three automobile parts with excellent reliability and body parts with fine workmanship. It also has excellent quality control performance


First, after all, the Haval H9 is a high-end off-road SUV. Although its starting price is only 200000, its interior has more luxury than most 300000 luxury cars. Because Haval H9 not only makes its interior space extremely exquisite and exquisite, with a strong sense of delicacy, but also uses a large number of high-end materials such as high-end wood and leather in the interior space, which makes its interior feel much more exquisite and luxurious than Toyota Prado

Secondly, Hafer H9 is equipped with 6 airbags, esp, tire pressure monitoring, fatigue driving tips, front and rear parking radars, reversing video images, uphill assistance, automatic parking and steep descent as standard. At the same time, convenience and comfort equipment such as keyless start, keyless entry, automatic air conditioning and leather seats are also standard. It can be seen that the Haval H9 not only has the same safety as the Toyota Prado, but also is an off-road SUV with the same riding experience as the Toyota Prado

第三,哈弗H9拥有2.0T柴油和2.0T汽油两款车型。它们在传动部分均配备了6at变速器,除最低配车型外均配备了后轴限滑差速锁。其中,2.0T柴油车型不仅能产生190HP和420N的强劲动力表现。M、 但其非承载式车身、差速锁和四轮驱动系统也比丰田普拉多具有更强的越野性能。而2.0T汽油车型能够产生252马力和355N.M,这与丰田普拉多的强劲动力非常接近。它还采用了非承载式车身,并配备了四轮驱动和差速锁。它的越野性能也非常出色


According to the statistics of China Association of automobile manufacturers, the sales volume of passenger cars in China in April was 1.704 million, a year-on-year increase of 10.8% and a month on month decrease of 9.1%; From January to April, the sales volume of passenger cars was 6.791 million, with a cumulative year-on-year growth of 53.1%

In April, the performance of China’s passenger car market was not optimistic, leading to a drop in annual sales. However, even so, the market performance of China’s independent brands is remarkable. According to the data, from January to April, the sales volume of Chinese brand passenger cars was 2.828 million, with a market share of 41.6% and a year-on-year growth of 3.4%

According to the comparison of passenger car market published by the association, the market share of Chinese brands has increased significantly and become an absolute advantage, while the German and Japanese brands have declined to varying degrees, which means that the mainstream joint venture brands can be subject to the competitive pressure of their own brands. In addition, the market share of American and legal systems has increased, while that of Korean has declined

The promotion of the market share of Chinese brand passenger cars is inseparable from the positive contribution of independent car companies. According to the sales list of Chinese brand passenger cars, SAIC, Chang’an, Geely, great wall, Chery and other auto companies entered the top ten of the list, and their performance was far higher than the market level

Independent car companies can achieve sales growth, which has a great relationship with the improvement of products and technology. For example, Geely Automobile currently has four architectures: BMA, CMA, spa and sea. Xingrui based on CMA platform performs relatively well in the market. Xingyue L, the third CMA model, is expected to be launched in the third quarter

Changan Automobile mainly focuses on product and power system updating. In the past two years, the renewal of CS Series and the addition of uni series make the brand more in line with the needs of consumers. The latest blue whale engine also provides a better power experience

Great Wall Motor focuses on multi-point layout. At present, it has the mainstream SUV brand Haval, new energy brand Euler, high-end brand wey, cross-country brand tank and pickup brand Great Wall. In recent years, in addition to strengthening the Haval brand, it has launched the third generation of Haval H6, Haval big dog, Haval first love and other vehicles, it has also launched the main cross-country tank brand. In the future, the tank brand product line and the main products of the business luxury series, such as tank 600 and 800, will seamlessly cover the high-end off-road SUV market from compact to full size. In addition, the performance of independent brands such as BYD and FAW red flag in the market is obvious to all

We have to admit that part of the current technology of independent brands has exceeded that of joint venture brands, and the rebound of market share is the best proof. At present, there is a lot of preferential space for some joint venture products in the terminal market, and the reasons for this situation include not only the intensified competition among brands, but also the force of independent brands

According to the data, this year, the market share of German brands is 23.1%, while that of Japanese brands is 22.0%, among which the decline rate of German brands is the highest. FAW-VW, saic-vw and German brands account for a relatively large proportion. The sales volume of FAW-VW has been growing all the time. However, due to the continuous decline of sales volume after saic-vw encountered brand reputation, the sustained growth of FAW-VW still can not make up for the loss of saic-vw. Of course, the decline of market share of German and Japanese brands is also affected by global chips

The same decline also occurred in Korean brands, which accounted for 2.6% of China’s market share from January to April, compared with 4.2% in the same period last year. With the price of first-line joint venture brands and the upward development of Chinese independent brands, the living space of Korean brands is further squeezed. Korean brands had a small market share in China, but now they have such a high decline, which means that Korean brands have indeed encountered a survival crisis. According to the data, the sales volume of Dongfeng Yueda Kia from January to April was only 49000, while that of Beijing Hyundai was 96000 in the first quarter



With the advent of sharing economy, more and more people are willing to share their goods. There are many people will put their idle goods in the second-hand market, whether it is rental or trading, can let the idle goods get greater value. Although cars are relatively expensive items, they can also be shared. In addition to the sharing tram we usually see, there are also some special sharing car rental platforms

The so-called car sharing is just a name given to the car rental business in the car rental industry after the rise of the sharing economy. Many traditional car rental companies can provide car rental business, that is to say, they can rent shared cars here. How to use shared car? This is mainly based on the individual needs of the tenants. They can choose to experience luxury cars, self driving tours and off-road self driving tours. Because there are many people’s private cars, which are not suitable for long-distance travel, people will go to car rental companies to rent cars before traveling

Although the car rental industry is developing rapidly, for some Xiaobai, we don’t know what the car rental process is? I don’t know what to pay attention to. How to use shared car? First of all, you have to go to a professional car rental company to rent a car. You can rent a car by paying a certain deposit and providing your own identity card. When renting a car, you should choose the right car according to your schedule. If you really don’t understand, you can consult the staff of the car rental company




Domestic consumers are more inclined to choose larger size and larger space models when buying vehicles. Therefore, the models launched by various manufacturers in China will be lengthened to a certain extent, and there are also domestic characteristic models. We can see that BMW 530l, Tiguan L, Mercedes Benz c200l, Audi q5l and other models all have an L letter at the tail. The L letter represents the extended version of the car, which has been upgraded to a certain extent in order to meet the market after entering the domestic market

In the North American car market, many small partners also like to buy large models. For example, Mercedes Benz GLS, Ford Raptor and Toyota Land Cruiser are popular among consumers in North America. In American TV series, we can often see many big cars. Of course, the fuel consumption of these big cars is twice or even higher than that of ordinary family cars. Toyota’s sales in North America have been good, and it has launched a number of full-size SUV models in North America. Today, let’s introduce the new Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro model just released in North America market, and see the strength of this big man

Now consumers like a more sporty look, and this new Sequoia TRD Pro has also been upgraded in appearance. The front face is replaced with a dot matrix air intake grille to better integrate with the body color. Both sides of the high and low light lamps are also equipped with LED light source, which is more exquisite in vision. The lower grille is also painted in black, forming a better whole with the upper grille

从侧面看,这个大个子最大的变化是更换了黑色轮毂,与前进气格栅相呼应。这套18*8英寸黑色BBS锻造车轮,配合p275/65 R18轮胎,更好地保证了这款红杉TRD pro的越野能力和可靠性。顶部增加了黑色行李架,外观更加时尚


红杉TRD Pro的内饰也进行了升级。中控台采用大尺寸液晶屏,增加了苹果Carplay、安卓auto等车机互联设备。中控台大面积采用软皮包裹,增加了内饰的豪华感

座椅全部采用真皮材料,座椅细节处增加了TRD Pro字母缝线,提升了内饰档次。在配置上,增加了行人监控装置、车道偏离警示和高低光自动调节,大大提升了新红杉TRD pro的技术配置,对于这样一款全尺寸SUV来说,动力应该不会太差。丰田新红杉TRD Pro依然配备了5.7L V8发动机和6速自动变速器。这台V8发动机可以产生386马力,峰值扭矩达到544n。M。动力相当强劲。回搜狐看看吧

在街上撞上“巨无霸”福特F 650就像公共汽车耗油量一样高。

Now people pay more and more attention to private cars. Some people want to choose SUVs with off-road performance when they buy a car, because the chassis of this kind of car is relatively high, and when they go out for a self driving tour, they will not be restricted because of the road conditions. In fact, the off-road vehicles purchased by ordinary people are more urban, but for the rich, of course, the off-road vehicles should be all terrain, so that they can be powerful enough. I ran into Ford f650 on the street. It was as high as a bus, and the fuel consumption was unbearable

There are also many all terrain off-road vehicles, such as Ford’s f650, which is a very aggressive off-road vehicle. It looks very tall in appearance. There are six wheels alone. It is like a “Big Mac” on the road. Its body height is similar to that of the bus nearby, and other models are crushed by it. The number of this car in China is also relatively small, and it’s lucky to see it once. Some netizens in Beijing met such a car

This car is particularly conspicuous on the road, because its height is much higher than some private cars nearby. Such a car should be very inconvenient to operate, and it should also be subject to many restrictions when turning or turning around on the road. Moreover, the volume of this car is so huge, its engine displacement must also be very large, otherwise it will not be able to take it, so the fuel consumption can be imagined

Such a big car is definitely a real “gas tiger”. It has been tested before, and the fuel consumption of this car can reach 40 liters. If it is in downtown area, the fuel consumption may be even higher. Seeing the fuel consumption, many car owners also take a breath of cool air. This kind of car really can only be a toy for the rich. If you fill up a tank of fuel, it will be consumed if you can’t run for hundreds of kilometers

Of course, people who can afford this kind of car will not care about the fuel consumption. But to tell you the truth, this kind of car is not very suitable for home use. Even the rich people will not use it as a means of transportation. That is to say, they will buy such a car just for their personality or just because they like it. But this kind of car does have its attraction. This unique design is enough to attract a lot of rich people


















On the eve of this year’s Shanghai auto show, Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Dongfeng”) held a unique “grand brand ceremony”. At the grand ceremony, Dongfeng announced the “fourteenth five year” transformation plan and put forward the “three 1 million” goals, that is, to achieve the annual sales of 1 million self brand commercial vehicles, 1 million self passenger vehicles and 1 million new energy vehicles by 2025. At the same time, Dongfeng also released the “leap action” and Mach power brand to help its rapid transformation to electrification and intelligent networking

At present, Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Dongfeng Group”) of Dongfeng company is on the eve of A-share IPO, and its latest technology transformation plan is expected to simultaneously improve the enterprise value and investment value expectation of Dongfeng Group“ We are promoting the listing of A-shares. At the end of last year, we have passed the examination of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Development and Examination Commission, and we are waiting for the process of the CSRC. ” Feng Changjun, the Party committee and chief accountant of Dongfeng company, told the media at the Shanghai auto show

At present, the “five modernizations” has become the key competition point of the automobile industry, especially the electric and intelligent competition. Dongfeng’s “fourteenth five year plan” shows to the outside world that it is ready to accelerate and surpass on these new tracks

According to the “leap action” released by Dongfeng company at the grand ceremony, in terms of new energy vehicles, Dongfeng will focus on the core assembly, vehicle platform architecture, charging and swapping technology, hydrogen energy, etc. At the same time, Dongfeng has also developed a centralized SOA electronic and electrical architecture to realize rapid iteration of software functions. In terms of energy supplement, Dongfeng, like Weilai and other new car building forces, will lay out the separation mode of vehicle power and set up a battery bank. In addition, as one of the central enterprises, in order to better help achieve the goal of “carbon neutralization”, Dongfeng will realize 100% electrification of new models of the main passenger car brand in 2024, and will make a comprehensive layout in the field of hydrogen energy

In the aspect of intelligent network connection, Dongfeng company released the independent “infinite star” driverless brand. In the future, the driverless brand will cover L4 / L5 level driverless intelligent trucks, extending from closed scenes, restricted open scenes to open scenes. The goal of Dongfeng company is to realize the large-scale demonstration application of L4 intelligent network connected vehicle and master the key core technology of L5 during the “14th five year plan”. At present, Dongfeng has been exploring the commercialization of commercial vehicle driverless in the port, which is leading in the industry

The “three 1 million” goals proposed by Dongfeng company have directly strengthened the confidence of investors. Among the three “1 million” proposed by Dongfeng, it is relatively easy to achieve the target of commercial vehicles in the advantageous sector, while it is relatively difficult to achieve the target of 1 million self owned brands and new energy vehicles. This also means that Dongfeng needs to make great efforts and changes in the next few years

The task of 1 million self owned brand vehicles has been clearly assigned“ There are 300000 Fengshen, 150000 lantu, and 550000 Fengxing, Fengguang and Qichen. ” Qiao Yang, the Party committee and deputy general manager of Dongfeng, said in an interview with the media at the Shanghai auto show. It is worth noting that Zhu Yanfeng revealed at the event that Dongfeng will also launch a high-end electric cross-country brand in the future, which, together with Landu and Fengshen, will become Dongfeng’s independent passenger car brand

Qiao Yang said that the off-road vehicle platform will produce electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles. It has decided to use Dongfeng’s own brand and adopt the Dongfeng shuangfeiyan logo. However, it has not been determined whether it will cooperate with external enterprises in terms of capital and technology. Qiao Yang said that Dongfeng established the M division a year ago, which is responsible for the research and development of the new off-road vehicle platform. As a result, Dongfeng will form three new platforms, including Landau essa platform, new off-road vehicle platform and DSMA platform. These three platforms will jointly help Dongfeng achieve the sales promotion of its own brand. In his speech, Zhu Yanfeng stressed that during the “14th five year plan” period, Dongfeng’s independent brand should be the top 3 in the industry








新欧蓝德的大空间SUV具体尺寸是多少?超长体有一个气场。新欧蓝德4705× 一千八百一十× 1710mm超长车身和nbs











When it comes to Mitsubishi, we all know that the brand has been lukewarm in China a few years ago. With the outbreak of hardline SUVs in the market, the brand has been pushed to the top of the wave and its popularity has soared, because several hardline SUVs of the brand are good. For example, Pajero, who was not long ago on the market, was once known as the strongest competitor of Prado; Then Mitsubishi launched this new car, which has 7 seats and 4-wheel drive. Its appearance is far superior to Land Rover’s. it sold 160000 yuan and decided to give up the Prado. This is a very good model. Please look down

Mitsubishi has been making unremitting efforts since it has achieved good results. Today, this SUV is the main model of this year’s Mitsubishi. It is Mitsubishi Outlander. This SUV looks like a regular one. It doesn’t show any exaggeration like other models. Instead, it looks more grounded, which is very in line with the current consumer’s love

In the front position, the car adopts the family’s brand-new inverted ladder shaped air intake grille, three thick banners and a large number of plated strips for decoration, which seems to have a strong impact. This car is positioned as a super hard SUV, which can be said to be no exaggeration

From the side view of the car body, the car has a strong off-road flavor. In terms of body size, it is only 4705mm in length, which is slightly smaller than the current several large SUVs, such as Ruijie tuang. There are two 2 + 3 and 2 + 2 + 3 seats in the car

In terms of interior decoration, the car continues its family’s simple design concept, and looks quite mature and stable. The three piece leather wrapped multi-function bag, the steering wheel and the large area of blackening treatment on the center console are quite good, which is very humanized



When it comes to pick-up models, it may be a model that is very popular all over the world except SUV. As the current leader of domestic independent brands, Great Wall Motor started from pick-up in its early days. However, compared with foreign countries, the domestic market has quite strict restrictions on pickups. Many cities have traffic restriction policies on pickups, and even some cities even prohibit pickups from entering the urban areas. During the annual inspection, pickups focus on the opposite direction, which makes many car owners who intend to start pickups look forward to and fear. The foreign market for pickups is more kind, so this can be called passenger cars and agricultural vehicles in foreign countries is quite popular. In recent years, with the relaxation of domestic policies for pickup trucks, many car companies have begun to pick up pickup truck models, including Great Wall

Recently, a group of spy photos of the new Toyota Tantu pickup truck have been circulated in foreign media. Although the new car is still in the stage of high camouflage, its strong appearance design and muscular sense of line can still be seen. Many foreign media said that the new pickup truck is highly similar to the new landcool luzer in design style. It is reported that the new car will launch a fuel version and a hybrid electric vehicle. In the future, it is very likely that it will launch a pure electric model to compete with Ford F-150 pure electric model

According to the spy photos circulated abroad, the new Toyota Tantu pickup truck adopts a bottle shaped big mouth air intake grille in the appearance and a multi banner Silver Chrome Plated decorative strip in the interior, which gives people a ferocious and domineering feeling. According to the previous exposure of the trailer, it is speculated that the new car’s headlamp probably adopts the usual triangular design of pickup truck, which is quite offensive. In addition, the thick camouflage still shows the protruding bumper of this new car, which gives people a strong sense of security

From the side view of the car body, the new Toyota Tantu pickup adopts the multi width alloy wheel hub design, and has been blackened to make it more sporty. There is an exaggerated gap between the wheel arch and the wheel hub, which makes the new car more off-road and easier to deal with complex road conditions. In addition, through spy photos, we can see that the interior space of the new car should have a good performance. At the same time, the rear trunk also seems to have enough space

In the rear part of the car, the new car will probably adopt the split tail lamp design, and the shape may echo with the front headlight. Compared with the tail design of Ford F-150, the new Toyota Tantu pickup truck is obviously more square and looks more traditional